installation view @ 1961 Projects 

Bat/batto (バット)
baseball bats, rope and katana display stand
5 x 121 x 5 cm

Divine palanquin/omikoshi (お神輿)
rocket cowl motorcycle fairing, motorcycle seat, skateboard deck, trestle legs, bamboo, inflatable bird-scarers, rope and steel
100 x 127.5 x 143 cm

Helmet/kabuto (兜)
motorcycle helmet, faux fur, wall fitting, sound barrier sheets and rope
22.5 x 31 x 27.5 cm

images credit: 1961 Projects

installation view @ Akiyoshidai International Artist Village, 2019

Sacred Text
final issue of  チャンプロード (CHAMP ROAD), published in January 2017, a magazine dedicated to the subculture. (Cover title translates as “Proof of our life. Thanks”)

Archival image of the plateau
digital print of Akiyoshidai Plateau landscape

Ceremonial weapon
scrapped car exhaust system and rubber tubing

Makeshift shelter or possibily the seating area of a high-ranking member
scrapped vehicle back door and front bumper, laser-cut acrylic of found grafitti, spray paint, found bamboo, wood, reflective streamers and emergency signal light

Signal lights with tiger figure
inflatable bird-scarer, vehicle lights, scrapped vehicle parts and found truck tyre

Territorial signage or possibly a totem
inflatable bird-scarer, scrapped exhaust pipe and fender, horn speaker, amplifier and sound

motorcycle fuel tank, scrap metal, bamboo, jerry can, water pump, water, PVC hose, twine, modified amplifier, DIY contact mic, effect pedal and sound
dimensions variable

A presentation of artefacts (rally horn and archival data)
motorcycle exhaust, horn speaker, rope, scrap metal, .gif file playback on CRT TV, amplifier and sound
dimensions variable, 40 secs sound
2018 (ongoing)